This resource page lists trusted Billings area health providers who offer safe and professional services so if you are looking for other complementary and natural therapy please check out the links below.

Chiropractic / Dr. Gregory Kay

Chiropractic Health Associates Billings

Their goal is to assist each individual in achieving their optimum health. They offer a friendly environment and facility to provide the highest quality chiropractic care available as well as nutrition and whole-body wellness needs.


Natural Healing / Jennifer Cole

Red Shoe Reflexology & CranioSacral Therapy

Jennifer provides balance and healing to the body through gentle touch therapy. Naturally, Reflexology and CraniSacral Therapy bring both the body and nervous system back to health and wellness.

Image with the Proceller8 logo in blue and grey.

Nutritional Products / Mara Broyles


Porceller8: Moving forward in a positive direction quickly.

Proceller8 is a company that wants BEST for its people to enjoy life! They "Expect to Win" in your daily life and your future through the use and sharing of the Best Nutritional products! If you would like to join the Winning Team, contact independent member Mara at (406) 256-2177 ID:FWANLD.