Billings Massage Therapy – Winter Special

Precision Massage Therapy Billings is delighted to release the winter massage special. This special was inspired by some of my favorite things about winter. Winters in Billings, Montana can be long and cold but this treatment will remind you of the best things about winter while providing you a way to relax and melt away holiday stress.

Hot cocoa especially makes me nostalgic for the days of winter as a kid. Wrapping cold hands around a warm mug of cocoa that mom made for us was always the best feeling after making snow men or an afternoon of sledding.

My husband and I have a tradition of Christmas tree hunting near Pray, MT followed by an afternoon of soaking in the local Chico Hot Springs. We love the smell of pine that fills our car on the way home (we never cut a tree bigger than can fit in the back of the car).

So, it is with love and intention that I share with you the 2019 winter massage special inspired by my favorite winter memories. I hope you love this treatment as much as I do!

For dry hands and feet in need of repair this moisturizing treatment begins with a rich hot chocolate exfoliant to smooth, restore and heal damaged skin. A soothing mask combined with aromas of sweet, earthy pine and touches of wild berry is melted and applied as you take in much needed moisture leaving hands and feet revitalized.


*This is a $15 add-on to any length service. **This does not add additional time to your massage session.

Ready for rest and relaxation?

Choose the winter massage special ADD-ON when booking your massage session online.

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